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Festival Information and Procedures

This document contains pertinent rules and regulations that govern the operations of the Code 3 Events, Inc Festival and Parade.

We are extending invitations to vendors who submit fully executed applications with required enclosures and payments (see application page) by January 15, 2017 deadline. Priorities for space will be reviewed based on past participation, date of receipt of fully executed application and type of product/ item.

Code 3 Events, Inc. strives to maintain a balance and diversity in food and vendor offerings. Please review our food and vendor regulations before applying. All applications and products are reviewed so that we may maintain this balance. Our goal is to keep standards high and promote a safe, successful and fun festival. The policies and regulations set forth in this document are designed to maintain order and to regulate activities on the Festival site. Regulations will be enforced. We urge that you keep to the St. Patrick’s theme, colors, merchandise.


The following application and agreement must be fully completed, signed and returned with the following enclosures in order to be considered for participation:

1. A photograph of the concession set-up and detailed description of products/items to be sold is required for vendors who have never participated at any Code 3 Events, Inc. Festivals.
2. Detailed list of all proposed products/items sold identifying offerings and projected pricing for those offerings.
3. $250.00 craft vendor fee with a completed and signed application by January 15, 2017. If vendor fee is not paid by January 15, 2017, vendor fee will be $300.00. If you are not accepted for the Festival your funds will be returned to you by February 15, 2017.
4. Certificate of Insurance naming Code 3 Events, Inc. as an additional insured for Food Vendors only.
5. Food Vendors will donate $450.00 flat fee for both Friday night and all day Saturday. A10% fee on sales over their $4,500.00 profit will be donated to Code 3 Events, Inc. This will occur in good faith, in the event your profit is over $4,500.00 to help our cause with our 501c3 Organizations.
6. Vendor and Float Combo Fee together $675.00.


1. All locations will be assigned by Code 3 Events, Inc. staff. While written location requests will be considered, placement will be at the sole discretion of Code 3 Events, Inc property is strictly limited to assigned location.
2. Exhibitor/Concessionaire parking available in the parking lot next to Old School Square. With the exception of specified set-up/load-in and break-down/load-out times, vehicles will not be permitted at event site. Vehicles will be removed immediately when asked to be Code 3 Events, Inc. staff.
3. A photograph of the concession set-up and detailed description of products/items to be sold is required with the application before the application can be approved. All items food/vendor/concessionaire wishes to sell are subject to approval by Code 3 Events, Inc staff. Any product not specified in the application will not be allowed at the Festival, unless permission is sought and given, in writing. Items will be removed from the concession stand when asked by Code 3 Events, Inc. staff during the festival if they were not approved. Failure to abide may result in not being asked back to the festival in future years.
4. Food/Concessionaire must provide a certificate of insurance to Code 3 Events, Inc. by January 15, 2017.

INSURANCE VERIFICATION– Each Food Vendor must provide Code 3 Events, Inc. with a certificate for Comprehensive General Liability and Automobile Insurance $1,000,000 minimum plus Workers Compensation as provided by the statutory limits of $1,000,000 each accident, $500,000 disease policy limit and $100,000 disease for each employee.

Code 3 Events, Inc. must be listed as additional insured under general liability in relation to show participation, on the certificate under “Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles/ Exclusions added by Endorsement/ Special Provision”.

There are two exceptions to the Workers Compensation requirement (1) Canadian exhibitors and (2) any vendor that is self-employed with zero employees; this exhibitor must submit a dated/signed letter stating “I am self-employed with zero employees and therefore exempt for carrying Workers Compensation.” Exhibitors who retain subcontractors must have those subcontractors submit certificates as outlined for exhibitors. The exhibitor must provide that subcontractors’ certificate when providing its own certificate. Certificates are required with deposit.
5. All signs and displays must be of a professionally produced nature. Prices of items must be displayed.
6. Food/Concessionaires are required to keep a neat, presentable booth at all times. Tables should be covered. Empty boxes and trash will not be permitted around the booth. This looks unprofessional and sloppy.
7. It is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor/concessionaire to obtain the applicable and appropriate state and local licenses and permits as well as payment of taxes pertaining to their operation. Please note: Food vendors should expect inspection of food operations by FL Department of Agriculture.
8. A limited number of electrical hook-up will be available (SEE Application). You can also use propane to run your booth during the day. Generators may only be used with Code 3 Events, Inc. approval. Vendor agrees to hold Code 3 Events, Inc. Festival and any officers and/or owners of the aforementioned company harmless for any damage to equipment caused by any malfunction.
9. Code 3 Events, Inc will provide day and evening security, but food/concessionaire agrees to hold above-listed organizations harmless for any injury, theft or other loss that may occur to property or person during the load-in/set-up, event, break-down/load-out of the Festival
10. Food/Concessionaires are not to begin striking/removing their display until Saturday at 7:00 pm Exhibits must remain open until event closing, even if exhibitor is sold out. Leaving early makes the festival look in disarray; and concessionaires who leave early will not be invited to participate the following year.
11. We will have no space available for those who want to store perishables.
12. REMINDER: INSURANCE ** Please note: All vendors are required to submit proof of insurance see #4 above. Proof of this insurance must be mailed or e-mailed with your application to Code 3 Events, Inc. no later than January 15, 2017 or vendor space will be released to vendors on our waiting list. Email certificate of insurance to or Mail to Code 3 Events, Inc., 21187 Econdido Way, Boca Raton, FL 33433.